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Fight falls-After the Bunker I by Buryooooo Fight falls-After the Bunker I :iconburyooooo:Buryooooo 355 38 Art Trade: Ghuro by MrGremble
Mature content
Art Trade: Ghuro :iconmrgremble:MrGremble 804 162
Bloopers~ Crazy Edition pt2
Queen: Please let me go Q.Q We can work this out mister....
D.Kid: Don't look so scared sweetie, I know I'll get you some- *Cough, doubles over holding his crotch*
Queen: Sorry! *Escapes out the door still tied up. I have to find the real ones...
Doflamingo: Queen!
Queen: Doffy!?
Doflamingo: I'm so glad you're okay! I was scared! Q.Q We need to get you out of here before boss shows up.
Queen:.... Okay, you're not Doffy.... Who's the--
Rocinante: There you are, I've been looking for you Queen.
D.Doflamingo: Him.... We have to get away now!
Queen: Huh??
D.Rocinante: Here I thought I'd have to go to the other studios to find you, how convenient. Come on Queen, I'll be telling you what to do now.
Queen: What? You're not Roci, so you can go to hell
D.Rocinante: That's too bad, looks like I'll have to convince you... Sabo!
D.Sabo: Finally, I get to burn you =w=
D.Doflamingo: Nope! *Runs away with Queen*
Queen: What the hell is going on!? Why does everyone want to kill me?!
D.Doflamingo: We'r
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 25 28
Sharp ~ Killer x Reader *Oneshot*

*This Oneshot is for :icontoysizedlady: Thank you so much again I hope you like it!*
    “Excuse me.” The low voice makes you pause your work and look over at the masked man.
     “Yeah what can I do for you?” You inquire, moving away from the grinding stone. He holds up two scythe like blades.
      “Could you fix these up?” He inquires. You take the blades, sharp eyes already taking in the extensive damage. No good, these blades were splitting and chipping already. A frown comes to your lips briefly.
        “How long will you be on the island?” You ask him.
         “Three days I believe.” He answers with a slight nod.
         “Alright. Give me about a day and a half and I’ll have them ready for you.” You tell him. He nods and leaves at that. You wait a few mom
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 167 39
Mature content
Mercy :iconsenoritablack:SenoritaBlack 82 60
To Remain
Everything looks just the same as she remembers it. Soft green hills roll into the distance, dotted with tombs and stones and temples. Bright stars twinkle like diamonds scattered over a swirled blue sky. The bronzen gong beside her gleams gently; the black markings scorched into it tell the story of her life in pictures, from birth through childhood, into the heroism that lies before her, and at last her death at the hands of the Wasted Tyrant. That death has always lain before her. She will die a hero, honored by all, and her death will keep this world safe forever.
She'd always looked forwards to that death, knowing it was right and proper and would bring good to all. Now it feels like a shadow: intangible, unreachable. Beneath the rolling hills is a hint of woven fabric, a quilted bedspread thrown under the land, and between the soft whispers of the wind are occasional hints of running water, faucets, footsteps.
She tries to lock these things away, to think only of the wavering twi
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 5 10
The magician and the huntress hurried through the forest as the storm lashed the trees and cracked the sky above. Although the raindrops soaked the magician and battered the brim of his hat, they seemed to be taking pains to avoid even brushing the huntress. When they arrived at the arch of the tower ruin, he was exhausted, while she showed barely a sign of fatigue.
“Are you alright?” coughed the magician, slumping against a pillar.
“Thanks to you,” answered the huntress, sitting beside him. “What is this place?”
His eyes could see through time, what this place was and what it would be, from an exquisitely furnished nobleman's folly to a hollow wreck punched through by branches, home only to beasts and ghosts.
“Home to a couple, for a short time,” he whispered. “Lovers, before tragedy befell them.”
They were almost nose to nose, breathing heavily, exhilarated by the run and the weather. The magician felt himself magnetised to
:iconjoe-wright:joe-wright 47 13
Wild~ Eustass Kid x Reader pt1

      Kid's crew found a jungle island to stop on for a while, especially since Kid's recent injuries made him weaker than he would admit. Kid growled looking at the bandages that marked his left side. Out of all the shit... He was getting tired of seeing the doctor's face so he decides to sneak out and take a walk. He staggered slightly, still adjusting to the loss of his arm.
       You blink through the skull's eyes at the injured man curiously. You had avoided the others that left the ship, but he caught your eye. You slink through the the undergrowth, drawing closer silently, animal hides shifting over you. He stops suddenly, amber eyes scanning around sharply.
       "Killer?" He calls carefully. You stop tilting your head. You knew that word, but why would he call it out? With a shrug he moves on ahead. You carefully move behind him, standing up and lifting the skull that hid your face to
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 177 19
Sketch VI by MaiHiwa Sketch VI :iconmaihiwa:MaiHiwa 32 7 King of Fire by MaiHiwa King of Fire :iconmaihiwa:MaiHiwa 32 22 Lucifer by MaiHiwa Lucifer :iconmaihiwa:MaiHiwa 163 52 Mother Nature by MaiHiwa Mother Nature :iconmaihiwa:MaiHiwa 58 23 How do I look. by MaiHiwa How do I look. :iconmaihiwa:MaiHiwa 30 9 Seven by ShadeofShinon Seven :iconshadeofshinon:ShadeofShinon 1,058 118 Eeveelutions by cryptosilver Eeveelutions :iconcryptosilver:cryptosilver 3,636 139
Fangs [Kiba Inuzuka x Reader] RQ
 She wasn't quite sure how long she had been staring intensely at her fellow ninja, but she didn't really care all that much. She was to busy trying to figure out whether or not the black fuzz poking out from his hood was really his hair or not to really pay attention to anything else. And so far, she still wasn't sure, he never took the hood off.
 "Oi, (y/n), how long are you going to fucking stare at me?" Came Kiba's gruff growl, and despite his voice coming out harshly she could see the toothy smirk curling across his features. His pupils narrowed, giving him a wolfish look to his eyes, and that combined with the pointed fangs and sharp claws that had made an appearance upon his figure during their sparring match only further solidified her conclusion.
 Kiba was really, really sexy.
 "I will stare at you if I want, it's not my fault I can't tell whether or not that's actually your hair or not!" She retorted, rolling her eyes sarcastically. They ofte
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 47 28


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